Nigeria is one of countries with the largest population in the world, currently over 200 million people living in the country, aside from been of the largest country in Africa and in the world as a whole, Nigeria also have one of the largest number of Christians in the world.

Christianity and Islam are the two major religious in Nigeria, although there are several traditional religious, the number of churches keep increasing over the years, currently there are over 60 million Christians in the country and over two thousands of churches in Nigeria.

There are different types of people you will meet in Nigerian church, because both the rich and poor, educated and illiterate attend the same church, remember our lifestyle is completely different from each other, likewise in the church been the same Christian doesn’t make our behavior the same.

If you are a Christian and you attend church regularly, then you should be able to suggest at least three types of people you have met in church before, if you don’t know, then this article will educate you about the types of people you will meet in church in Nigeria, make sure you read to the end, so that you will know the type of people you will meet in Nigerian church.


Types People You Will Meet In A Nigerian Church


True Worshippers

This type of people came to the church to worship and prayer to God, they always pray, sing, obey the usher, pastor and others church workers instructions, no body need to force them before they do what is necessary.

True worshippers are gentle in the presence of God, you can identify this type of people with their dress because they always dress in good manner.


Phone Chargers

Phone chargers are the type of people that came to the church just to charge their phone, they always seat close where they can plug their phone and they keep looking at the phone always.


This type of people always sleep in the church, even if they sat at the front seat, they started sleeping immediately the sermon begins, this type of people always give the usher big problem because they will keep waking them up.


Sturborn People

This type of people always have problem with the ushers, they won’t obey any of their instructions, most times the usher will leave them alone because of their problem. This set of people will sit where they want, they can even occupied another chair with their belongings.


The Dancers

This set of people came to church to show everyone their dancing steps, even if it is a worldly dance, they have different dancing steps to all songs. This type of people always came to church in group and they will take the front seat. They maybe gentle during the sermon, but once it’s time for thanksgiving you will see them in another dimension.


Long Testimony Givers

This type of people will use ten minutes to sing even when they give them just five minutes to give their testimony, if care is not taking they may use twenty minutes to give their testimony.