The Academic staff union of Nigerian Universities (ASUU) over the weekend before valentine’s day thought it best to give students a valentine’s gift. Industrial action has become a yearly ritual to demand better infrastructure to aid better learning on the part of the students.

According to Vanguard Newspaper dated Monday, February 14, 2022 the news agency reported that the hierarchy of the Union had a closed door session to bring about a concession as to whether the warning strike would commence or not. The body then decided after meetings from Sunday, 13th February 2022 till the early hours of Monday. ASUU then concluded that it would be wise to issue a month’s warning strike to the Federal Government of Nigeria having refused to honour their lingering prior agreement with the body. We all hope the body and the Nigerian Government can come to a compromise for the sake of the already dying educational system and the children of the masses who attend the affected universities.

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