ATM machine is one of the most used items in Nigeria currently, even as Nigerians keep saying there’s no money, they will still use the ATM machine.

Currently, millions of people use the ATM machine daily, but there are different types of people you will meet in each ATM queue in Nigeria, if you use the machine regularly, I’m very sure would have met any of these categories of Nigerians.


ATM Billionaires

This category of people always came to the ATM machine with several cards, they can withdraw up to 100,000 naira from card number one, 50,000 naira from card number two, 250,000 naira from card number three and so on. They also keep other people waiting for long time, whenever they take their cash from the machine, you’ll think that’s the last time, but they will continue to use the machine.


The Beggers

This category of people will never join the queue, most of them are an elderly person, they will go straight to the first of the queue, begging and giving several excuses so that the first person on the queue will allow them to use the machine.


The Learners

This category of people are the most annoying set of people you’ll ever meet on the ATM queue, they don’t know how to use the machine, so they came with someone that will teach them how to use the ATM machine, they will be there for long time and keep wasting other people’s time, while some will have to call the security guard who will help them to use the machine, before they can withdraw.


The Fast Users

Most of these type of people are young Nigerians, they know how to use the ATM machine quickly, within few minutes they are done, even if they withdraw more two times, they will still be more faster than those who withdraw once.


The Balance Checkers

This type of people don’t come to the ATM queue to withdraw, they only came to check their balance, most of them will never join the queue because they will be calming that they won’t withdraw, while those who join the ATM queue don’t waste time because they won’t withdraw.

The Stubborn Users

This type of people will keep slotting in their ATM cards into the machine even, if the machine tells them they can’t withdraw due to some reasons, they won’t leave there until other people start to shout at them before they leave.


The Flying Ghost

This type of people will never be on the queue, until when it is your turn or second to next person to use the ATM machine, that’s when they will appear from no where and be telling you that they are here before you, immediately they will take their positions in front of you, before you know it, you may find yourself 5 places backwards.


These are the most popular types of people you will meet on the ATM queue in Nigeria, I’m very sure you have met any of the types of people at the ATM before.