It was beautiful Friday evening when I saw an advert about a fair which would be taking place at Lagos Continental Hotel. As the newbie to Lagos that I am, I was in a state of confusion with respect to locating the hotel.

I called some of my friends and relatives requesting for directions to the hotel. After making numerous calls, a friend of mine told me about she explained how the website provides all the information I needed.

Unknown to my friend, she had practically solved all my problems with that little advice. I followed her advice and I was amazed to realize that all she said about wasn’t flattery. The website did provide all the information I needed and even more.

On arriving at the hotel, the architectural masterpiece that I was looking at was surreal. I was amazed to see that such a beauty existed in such an environment in the city of Lagos. The on-site parking space made me rest assured about the security of my car.

The staff was another story altogether. They were very helpful in directing me to the hall to be used for the event. They gave directions in the most friendly and professional manner. I noticed that they were at every turn in the hotel to make sure that no attendee had any difficulty navigating through the hotel.

On finishing the fair, I was already thinking about the best route to my place of abode. I was still in my thought when a security personnel happened to pass by. I was so happy but I kept my cool and approached him and told him about my problem. He surprised me with providing concise information on the best way back so I could beat the traffic.

In summary, Lagos Continental Hotel is a place to be. The ambience, architecture and staff says it all.

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