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Who would have thought that Nigeria still has a way to inspire us amidst the irregularities in the nation. When people say they have been scarred I always thought that statement was for weaklings until I experienced my own scarring.

I remember when I was having a discussion with my brother about the state of security in Nigeria. It was my opinion that there is no security for the masses. I wont forget his response. He said, “until you commit a crime big enough I he eyes of the nation you will never understand.”

Big bro, I am happy to tell you that I now fully understand what you meant.

When you hear that EFCC came to raid homes, it is very important to check on those left behind after sympathizing with the victims. That singular event could have scarred them for life. I am among the scarred group.

It all started around 2 am this morning, I was sleeping when I  started hearing noises at the  my apartment building. I deduced from the loud noise that a break in was in progress. At first I was at peace because I was so sure that the iron door couldn’t be broken down. I was shocked when they gained entrance into the building.

The truth is I feel safer living upstairs and in a gated house because I thought break-ins are less likely to occur.

When I heard them talking to my next-door neighbor, I knew the shit just got real. The next thing I did was find something decent to wear and await when my door will be knocked down. I peeped from my window and realized they were more than ten. That realization made my fear grow ten folds. As the smart Nigerian I thought I was, I tried closing my window since the light in my apartment was already off. I was trying to do that quietly when I saw a police officer in the compound shouting at me to come down.

Then I knew that my village people has remembered me.

The next thing I heard was loud banging on my door; I opened immediately scared out of my mind. Do not forget that at this point I still hadn’t figured out we weren’t robbed, until I saw them walk a young man downstairs then I felt a bit of relief. When the one that banged my door with a plank of wood saw me, the first question he asked was how many of us were in the apartment. I think one of the things they teach our security operatives in Nigeria is to feed on fear. The man’s major intention was to scare me. Then he left my apartment and came back shouting where I had hidden the guy. I was so scared. Needless to remind you that one of them just asked me to come downstairs.

I was screaming as they were asking me questions. Just when I thought, I was done for, one of EFCC operatives that saw me shivering at my door, surprised me by saying “madam, go inside.” I have never felt more joy in my entire existence. The next thing I heard, they were calling the security man. They gave that man sound beating with planks before they left.

Who would have thought the statement: “go inside” could bring Joy.

I went inside and reality dawned on me that the EFCC operatives didn’t take me with them. Sitting was difficult because, I was too shaken to remain sitted. Sleep seemed far after they left around 3am.Me that like boasting about how my sleep is untouchable.

Around 6 am, the security man came to check on all occupants left behind. The man said, the EFCC operatives flogged him because he told them, no male stayed upstairs. He also said, that a guy we call pastor had to hide under the stairs and they went with pastor’s phone. The man said they gained entrance into the compound by climbing the fence. The security man said they went with every male in the building except the one that hid himself. The security man said the only reason why he wasn’t taken was because he was already old.

That begs the question;

isn’t it time for Nigerian young men to join the gender equality fight, since in the eyes of Nigerian security operatives they are all thieves?

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