Looking back at the year 2021, I had so much ups and downs that at some pount I felt the year was more than 365 days. I am one of those people that dwells more on the things they could not do rather than focusing on the things achieved.
Before you say I am ungrateful, gratitude is not my problem. I perfectly understand that God is the reason for all I am and hope to be to me. I just do not like to dwell on my wins so it doesn’t get into my mind. This is one of the ways I keep pride at bay.

Sorry, if you are one of those that do not believe in the God-factor.

Now back to the purpose of this post. I was deep in one of my meditations feeling deeply worried about all the things I planned to do in this year but was unable to achieve and suddenly it dawned on me to be thankful for everything I actually achieved. I planned to make a detailed post on my wins and losses for each month but because I don’t keep a journal that might be difficult but still, I would try to at least give a highlight of my year the best way I can.


When we think we lose, we only learnt ways to do better

Starting from the very beginning, January, I remember vividly entering the year with high hopes. I was finally ready to shake off the limitations of the covid and take responsibility for my life. I had started learning programming as I was fascinated with data science during the lockdown in 2020.

At the training centre I was learning we had to close for the year 2020, so I started the year continuing with practicing my programming skills. I started my 2021 trying to finish that course before ASUU decided to call off their strike at the time. I had already set a goal to be a job ready data scientist in 100 days.


Over ambitious right?

I had already said to myself that all I need was to practice for 6 hours a day. In the heat of the lockdown coupled with the ASUU strike, I had already decided to start looking for opportunity outside the shores of Nigeria. Since I can remember, I have always wanted to become an academic. The ASUU strike was a hitch to the fulfillment of that plan.
In 2020, a friend of mine in Canada contacted me. He shared the good news about how he had already found his way outside the country. This friend (Ade) introduced me to another friend (Bayo). Bayo, always sent me links of academic opportunities he thinks I fit in. I remember that in January with his help I applied for a programme at their school.

Starting the year on such high notes was amazing until I got the rejection mail from the professor I was trying to get a place with. At this point I was already used to the rejection mails at this point. It was devastating and that too in January. I was feeling terrible and considering that the rejection came early in the year. Nevertheless, I shook the thought of as soon as it came.

Are you enjoying the story? Watch out for part two.

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