Nigerian undergraduate and postgraduate students lifestyle is completely different from students from other countries on the planet, even African countries, one of the special things are the popular foods among Nigerian university students that can’t be found anywhere else.

Nigeria is the home of different foods and everyone eat whatever pleased them based on their culture and lifestyle, but for Nigerian university students it is not so, there are some must have foods items for Nigerian university students both boys and girls, rich and poor eat these foods.

Nigerian university student’s food always different from the rest of the country because their lifestyle is completely different from other individuals in the country, they need to focus on their education they spend most of their time in the class and other activities, so most of them don’t have enough time to cook, why some don’t even know how to cook good food before he or she left home.


Must-Have Food Items For Nigerian University Students




Rice is one of the most popular food items that Nigerian university student eat, either you they are from the north, south, west or east, rice must be included in their meal.

The most popular type of rice that Nigerian undergraduate student cook are concoction, rice and beans, rice and stew and more.



Bread is a popular food in Nigeria, it is also consumed by millions of Nigerian undergraduate and postgraduate students in campus everyday, most of them can’t do without bread and butter, bread and tea, bread and egg, bread and beans and more.

Most of them choose to eat bread because they don’t need to cook, it is the best choice for those who don’t know how to cook or those who don’t have enough time to cook, aside from that it is cheaper than other food items.


Garri is one of the most have food items for Nigerian university students, this popular food come to play when Nigerian students are broke and they want to manage the little money they have.

They can take garri with groundnut, garri with sugar, garri with fish and more.




Beans is also one of the must have food items for Nigerian undergraduate and postgraduate students, some students cook beans when they are broke, beans cheap, it is usually cooked in the evening because it takes at least one hour before it is ready to eat.

Beans can be cooked with rice, yam, potatoes, plantain, or eat with bread, garri and more.



Noodles is popularly know as Indomie by most Nigerians, it is the fastest food that can be cooked by anyone, 80% of Nigerian student rely on noodles everyday, it is nutritious, sweat, simple, easy and fast to cook.

Noodles can be cooked with egg, fish and more, it can be eaten anytime of the day.

Nigerian students eat numerous foods, but these are the must have food items for Nigerian university student, I’m very sure you are not disappointed with the list, if you think that there are more to the list. Let me know at the comment section.