The launching of has made me realize that we can only actualize our dreams when we take purposeful steps towards them and stop wishing our dreams to happen.

“Rome was not built in a day “

If could look into people’s heads, it would amaze you to realize that people are bursting with business ideas. People seem to forget that a dream is only a dream until you take steps to make it a reality.

The major issue is our dreams are so big and we tend to forget that our dreams can only become reality when we take steps towards its actualisation whether we are comfortable with taking the much needed steps or not.

“Make a move to see the big picture become a reality.

The big names in the world today have only reached where they are when they chose to do something that has now put them on the chart of the world’s biggest names.

“You can only become the best version of you when you take a step to start out”

If you are perfectionist like me, who always seems to perfect all preparations, then don’t be surprised when you realize you are still perfecting preparations even after years have passed.

In most cases you cannot have all you need to start out. Don’t be deceived into thinking you would have all you need.

It might interest you to know that the more time you spend on perfecting your plan can be better spent improving your already made business.

Don’t be fooled when starting your business, everything can’t be perfect.

I am not underestimating the place of adequate preparation, i am only saying that you can’t be fully prepared. A lot of mistakes that you are trying to avoid are much needed to set you straight and move you forward.

Seize the available moment and stop waiting for the perfect moment.

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