It was Martin Luther King Jr. who said “if a man is called to sweep streets, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, Shakespeare wrote poetry, as Beethoven composed music”. He should sweep street so well that all the host of heaven and earth will pause and say, ‘Here lived a great sweeper who did his job well’.

Every man here on earth has a dream to live for. Right from your mother’s womb, there had been an unwavering mandate place on you. One simple question for you is. what’s that intriguing stuff that do fuss up in your mind? This might be the dream you are called to live out. For Mahatma Gandhi he was called to bring the Indians to independence, for Abraham Lincoln he was called to end the American civil war and unite America as one nation, for Mary Slessor, she was called to end the killing of twins, well as for Moses he was called to lead God’s people to the promise land, Joseph was called to save nations and preserve his family in the time of famine, Jonah was called to Nineveh to deliver them from God’s angry frown…

Once again what are you called to do? are you living life or life is living you? what are the prospects in the corners of your mind?

You must make sure you fulfil God’s calling upon your life. Your calling might be rendering a helping hand to poor children in need, sometimes it might be running the miles to make sure you save a dying folk, other times it might lead you to some strange place. You must make sure you know the dream you were born with, and live the calling of that dream.

The future of millions depends on the realisation of your dreams.

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