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March 8 is another day to celebrate international women’s day. The theme for IWD 2022 is breaking the bias. There are so many biases surrounding the female gender. It is imperative for women to look within and begin to start breaking the bias. In the spirit of IWD 2022, we at Amazonsclique would be expressing how to break 5  common bias about women. You can read about women who have proven to break the bias here. Before we discuss how to break the bias, we must itemize what the common bias anout women are.

Bias 1: Men are more hard working  than women

I have seen many people who believe firmly that men are more hardworking than women. A lot of people believe people are intimidated by the feminity of a woman and therefore give them what they want without having to work as hard for it. Probably, because men have been in the place of authority for a while and women are only trying to wake up recently and take the place they should have always been. Some people are of the bias that successful women tend to slep their way to the top irrespective of how hard they work.

Bias 2: Gender Discrimination

In as much as every gender discrimation is a situation where one does not get something solely because of their gender. While no gender is actually exempted from gender discrimination, women tend to suffer more than their male counterpart. The society tends to raise eye brows when women try to attain certain positions of power. They get discriminated against on the sole basis of gender.

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Bias 3: You can not have it all

Society has made many women to believe that they have to. Over the years women have been raised with the bias that they cant have successful careers and family of their own. The amazing part is the fact that men tend to not be termed incomplete if he doesn’t have a family of his own. Some career women have ben advised to not have children if they plan to keep their careers. Women tend to avoid having children for many reasons including the reason that the society have termed successful career women as bad mothers over the years.

Bias 4: Women do everything for men

One of the biggest argument of all time is that everything a woman wears or does is in a bid to catch the attention of men. There are people of the bias that a women can  not decide to look good for her sake. It is a common bias that a women does everything because she needs to catch the attention of a man.

Bias 5: A woman is controlled by her emotions

Just like every other human being, a woman has emotions too. However, it’s a common bias that a woman is controlled by her emotions. It is believed that a woman can not see beyond her hormone controlled emotions. Some people are of the bias that a woman is highly irritable especially in situation where they should be in control of their emotions. Another bias is that a woman cannot be objective in her reasoning and as such she has to rely on her emotions to make decisions on her behalf.

Breaking the bias

The onus lies on every woman to try her best possible to beak all the aforementioned biases. I know it is not easy to do but it is not only important for your growth as an individual but for the generation to come to have a worthymentor, then its imperative to break the bias.

An adage says, you cant keep doing something the same way and expect a different result. We need to stand as women all over the world and rise above the bias that has been repeatedly spoken about women. It’s a long and hard road ahead but its my utmost believe we can achieve the goal.

How to break the bias

As they say, talk is cheap. It is left to us to think of whatever capacity we serve and look inwardly to be sure these biases are biases and not fact. If we use a fine tooth comb on your career can we say that you are not caught in the web of these biases. The truth is there are plenty women who have proven over the years to show has credible individuals to mentor and lead the younger generation you can read about them here.

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