Do you know what you’re into?
Do you even know that, been in a relationship is a call into responsibilities?
Even though the elementary knowledge behind many relationship is “my friends is in a relationship, I want a boy friend, I want girl friend” lols­čśĆ

Let me drive you to my high school days.

I have two companions when going home from school, Jemimah and Christiana, we sometimes discuss about love and I will always project my view, that it is a distraction. I usually blame them, for paying such degree of attention, to accumulate such degree of knowledge.
Maybe that is why omobolanle said ” I can’t marry Samuel or someone like him, because he is not romantic ” she might be right though­čśÄ
Stuffs we use to discussed then are good, but I never find interest In it, because of the colour love has turned too, this days.
The story is captivating nah?

This my message folks.­čĹç

Be always into what you think is right and generally acceptable for you to do; yielding to unnecessary pressures to get involve in somethings don’t give joy at last.

If you are not into any relationship with solid reasons, good for you and stay focus.But for you into it and to those that will and have sign in today, are you sure you are responsible enough to take up the responsibilities that will be presented to you?Is that resources enough for you alone, or your time, talkless of sharing it?

Think well oh­čśĺ

We are at a time when packaging is speedily taking over, everyone wanna be what they are not, construct a luscious story, that has no corroboration with their personality.

If truly you have a vision and a future, you don’t need to be a sugarcoated person to win that Lady’s heart: and a correct lady will not base her standard for relationship, on the premises of luxuries(not too bad though).

We must be sensitive to the glamour of a mans future not too much on the present.Faithfulness in a relationship will always make things work for both party.

But to teenagers, is dating or relationship for you?(answer yourself genuinely).

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