Gajanan Mishra once wrote the following lines
This is right, I can I must I will
I can do this, I want to do this
I will do this.
To do something-I am ready, But not to search
The word impossible in my dictionary
Where it is not there, and if it is there
Keep it there- my prayer,
I am not going to, open that page.

If we are going to push forward in life, we must do something that will change our lives forever. We must break the ice and the see the clouds rain on you. Do you want to mount up with wings as eagle? Then believe you can. If you must succeed then you can do something that will help you succeed.

Tony Robbins once said “ if you can’t, you must, if you mustn’t, you can. All life’s impossibilities can be summed up to I can’t, I won’t and I mustn’t.

People always see sophisticated things and conclude they can’t. While the mountains hover around and the work heap up so many cry out “I won’t.” Thousands will see opening advantages that will take their dreams higher and only stare at it and say ‘ I mustn’t’. While we all search for a resting place of hope and peace. We can drop and trash out the impossibilities in us. We can go beyond what confines us. Life really goes by what our believe system and what confines us. If our mind is tailored to the believe system of I can’t, I wouldn’t and I mustn’t. We’ll will be in an environment fill with confusion, hopeless and a dreamless future. Right in your heart try to live in a environment of I can, I will and I must. When you can do something, you will and that will of yours will take you to a compelling must.

Always search for difficulties and make a will in that will tell yourself you can and execute it with a must. That’s how you’ll change your world.

I know people have told you a thousand times about the things you can’t, you wouldn’t and you mustn’t do, but God is pushing it back to you saying-“you must, you will and you can.” Take this to your heart and see your life blooming.

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