As you make your plans for the new month, in setting up your goals, do not try to reason before using your imagination. First use your imagination of your goals and then use reasoning later to work it out.

Trying to use reason first will only amount to discouragement here and there because reasoning will only try to limit you by using existing statistics of challenges, thereby, creating fear and making you unambitious for the new year. Yes there are economic issues in the country, civil unrest here and there, political uncertainty, but do not let them to limit your goals.

Instead create your goals first and then use your reasoning to work out your goals rather than using it to limit your goals.

Most of the greatest achievers in life wouldn’t have achieved what they achieved if they didn’t first dream about it. If they had reasoned before dreaming they wouldn’t have come up with anything.

Imagination helps you to start by being highly motivated about your goals. You can never meet your goals if you are not excited about it. You have to be excited by it before working towards it. That is where reasoning comes in.

Reasoning helps you to shape your goals into reality.

So do not be afraid to set big goals for yourself. Believe in your goals first of all and then reason how to make it work.

The first step to achieving is believing before reasoning. So start writing out your dreams for the year in education, finance, family, morality etc… Do not see limitations, for people that make progress do not allow limitations to regress their lives.

Whenever you come across challenges be rest assured that it is surmountable.

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