Cassava is one of the most consume food in the Nigeria over the years and currently millions of Nigerians still depends on this food.

Aside from been lucrative, cassava farming is one of the fast money making agricultural business in Nigeria because you will get your return on investment within ten months, depends on the type of cassava step.

How To Start Cassava Farmindg In Nigeria

Business Plan

Business plan is very important for all business either big or small, take your time to write proper and accurate business plan that will consist all your business activities from the beginning to the end.

A good cassava business plan so have these;
Industry overview
Executive Summary
Roles and Responsibilities
Vision Statement
Market Analysis
Sales and Marketing Strategy and more.


Start-up Capital

Capital is the backbone of all business, and it needed to keep business business running, in cassava farming business, you need money to buy or rent a farmland, buy or rent farming instrument too, land preparation, equipment, labour, working tools, cassava stem, operational cost and more.

Before you can start cassava farming you need to buy these farming tools

Soil cultivator
Sprinkler and more.


Choose Good Farm Location

Make sure your take your time to choose from numerous farm location around you, when choosing farm location, you should think beyond your farmland only, also think about, road quality, security and other important things.


Farmland Preparation

After choosing your farm location, farmland preparation should be next thing to do.

It is very important to prepare your farmland before planting your cassava steps, apply mature if it is necessary, add organic or inorganic fertilizers to your farmland, you can also practice mulching, make use of the available tools like Tractor, Soil cultivator, Plough and others to prepare your farmland soil.



Select The Cassava Step Variety To Plant

It is very important to choose the right and good cassava step variety because your success in this business depends on it.

There are numerous cassava varieties in Nigeria currently, but these are the most popular and most plant cassava variety


TMS 30110
TMS 300017
TMS 30555
TMS 30001
TME 419 and more.

You can choose any of these cassava variety for your cassava farming business in Nigeria in 2021.


Choose Good Cassava Stem Cuttings

Cassava Stem Cuttings matters in cassava farming business because it has impact on the growth of your cassava.

It is recommended that you cut each stem to a length of 20 – 25 cm with at least 5-8 nodes.


Now plant your cassava, make sure you plant during the rainy season, so that I will be able to grow properly.


Make sure you uproot your cassava farm weed regularly, and use the right insecticide, pest controller when it is necessary.


Cassava take between ten months to two years before it mature depends on the variety you planted, harvest and take your cassava to the market, or you process it to garri, or other cassava product and sell.