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Depression should not Define You!

We will come to a point in life as humans, that depression will take over and nothing will look like an antidote. These moments will make feel like all of the creation is mad at us, and even the universes is not for us; but trust me, there’s a way out!

These three things will help you:

Do things you love:

I was almost depressed at some point, feeling unloved and unkempt, but I tried this.
Actually, I love singing, which I can call a gift from God. So I will always sing, when this sea of depression arose: even though it’s not as easy to sing in such situation, but the moment I do, I conquer.

You see, we can’t but come to this point in life, but we must never fall for it, because depression has nothing to offer, rather It disarrange and bring stagnation to things that has been put right in your life. What brought you to the state of depression? Do you know you can engage in that thing you love, and see how it fades away.
I heard a leader say, “When I get depressed I counsel (what he loves) people with my subject of depression, and bounce back.”

*Get A confidant:

Humanity can be a strong source of inspiration most times (also in other way round though). Although there are people who are the devils incarnate but there are still good folks out there (Take it or leave it).
Sometimes when you’re depressed, you can get a confidant, if the prevailing issue demands one. I can’t specify the cause of your depression though, but I know if you can share it with a wise man or woman, you can both fight the depression and subdue it.
I repeat: we can’t run away from depression, as long as we’re living; because we are here for a course, and we want to win, so therefore we are bound to experience these things, but when champions come together sometimes, there’s victory.

What I’m I saying is, share you subject of depression with someone, especially an experienced person, and see yourself riding over the storm.

*Be free to yourself:

It is good you know that, happiness is free. You can’t get excited every time: and being free with yourself gives a lot of comfort. Be free to make mistakes, but never stay there, don’t be cool with poor standard; and you don’t need to beat yourself up in the process. When you’re free to yourself, and not too serious, it quenches depression and helps you bounce to the right state quickly.

I’m sure this will work for you, if you believe it can, because “as a man thinks in his or her heart so is he”- king Solomon.

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