How to identify a paedophile

According to WHO, “one out of every three women has been sexually abused”. It becomes more disheartening to realize that even children aren’t left out in this predicament. It has become pertinent that we understand how to identify a paedophile. Lest we forget, these abused children turn out to become adults and many of them find it difficult to heal from the trauma of this experience.

No wonder women end up staying in abusive relationships. READ HERE TO FIND MORE REASONS WOMEN STAY IN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS

Could this be responsible for why we have so many damaged adults in society? This makes me wonder if we would be able to properly protect our girls from paedophiles if we understood who a paedophile is and how to identify a paedophile.

Who is a paedophile?

A paedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to children. In most cases, paedophiles have a pattern and abuse these children for as long as they have access to them. No wonder paedophiles turn out to be close and trusted family and friends. Read more about paedophiles here.

This informative article will explain in detail how to identify a paedophile. If you want to know how to identify a paedophile, then you need to read this article to the end.


How To Identify A Paedophile


A Paedophile Can Be Anyone

It is very important to know that a paedophile can be anyone. There’s no different physical appearance, characteristic, personality or profession that child molesters have in common. A paedophile can be of any race or sex even the same religious affiliations or occupations as yours.

Most child molesters appear to be charmingand loving to attract you or your children.


In most cases, a child molester is someone who knows and is very close to the child or his or her parent. That is why you need to know with who your child relates. A paedophile can be your neighbour, school teacher, clergy, or babysitter, sometimes can your family members like fathers, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, stepparents, and other members of the family.

Do Proper Interview And Research Before Hiring A Babysitter And Other Domestic Workers

Most paedophiles are babysitters, that is why it’s very important to interview your babysitter before employing them. There is also a need to do additional research about him or her, especially about molestation records and other related information. Aside from babysitters, a child molester can be your driver, personal chef, cleaner and other domestic workers because they have access to your children and your children also know them as friends.

Make sure your domestic workers don’t have any child molestation records and always limit the relationship between your children and domestic workers. Don’t let your children spend as much as 30 minutes with them, if possible you can be with your domestic workers if your child needs to spread more than one hour with them.

Paedophiles are Mostly Single Or Divorced

In most cases child molesters happen to be someone who is not in a sexual relationship with anyone, they are single or divorced, or they want sex because they don’t have a sex partner before they started developing a sexual interest in young or underage children around them, now you know why you should teach your children to avoid single or unmarried individuals around them.

Paedophiles mostly Prefer Associating With Children than Adults

Anyone that’s associating with your children, especially without genuine reasons can be a paedophile. You need to be observant of people who would rather unnecessarily associate with children than adults or people in their peer group.

Anyone Who Associate With A  Known Paedophile

A paedophile can be anyone that associates with a child molester. Don’t leave your children behind with anyone who has a child molester as a close friend or family. Anyone that has a relationship with a child molester can also be a paedophile. People who tend to not see anything wrong in another child being preyed on mostly turn out to become paedophiles themselves.

Install CCTV Camera In Your House

Installing a secret CCTV camera is one of the best and most effective methods of identifying a paedophile. This will help you know what is happening to your house, car and each room in your house, especially your children’s room.

Now you know better tricks on how to identify a paedophile around you. When you fold your arms seeing a child get molested, remember that you have given that paedophile your permission to keep doing what they are doing.

Today it’s someone else’s child, however, tomorrow it might be your child or your family. Some say a lot about the past is in the past, but do you think paedophiles change?

Do paedophiles change

Now you know how to identify a paedophile. Nevertheless, you want to know if this is a predicament that can be cured or if paedophiles change in the slightest bit.

An African proverb says a leopard cannot change the colour of its skin. While paedophiles make it seem like they have deserted their old ways and no longer sexually abuse children, it is only a matter of time till they strike again and cause another havoc.

The only way to help them live with this condition is to put them into therapy. In the same way, you don’t help an alcoholic by shoving drinks in their faces, it is wrong to leave your children with a paedophile irrespective of the relationship that you have with such a person.

At the end of the day, it’s the life of another child that is at stake. Don’t forget that it is not only about the child that has been molested, it is about the influence that that child becomes on her peers. The cycle doesn’t end with her peers, this child goes on to become an adult and this adult becomes an influence on the younger generation.

If you have read this article to this point, you already have a clear-cut idea of who is a paedophile, how to identify a paedophile and if a paedophile would ever change. When you identify one the best thing you can do is to report such to the appropriate authorities.

The child in question should also be allowed to undergo therapy. Don’t stop at how to identify a paedophile, do everything it takes to rid this society of these monsters called paedophiles