The relationships you build is a reflection of how you have lived your life. The stronger your relationships are the more benefits you derive from them. You can not make the best out of life without building strong relationships.

The quality of relationships is the ultimate quality of life

The dilemma is how to build strong relationships that form the basis of living. Amazons clique has solved this dilemma by bringing you ten things you need to do to build strong relationships.

1. Don’t portray perfection

Portraying perfection can make people perceive arrogance and standoffishness from a distance. If you plan to build a strong relationship then the people you plan to build a relationship with should see your vulnerability. Showing vulnerability is not a crack in your armour, it is just showing that you have got weaknesses too. Showing your vulnerability to the right people with whom you are building a relationship with, allows them to see, that you need them to stay around. The feeling of being needed is a very important ingredient for a strong relationship.

2. Be there for others

Building a strong relationship places a demand for you to be always there when you are needed. It is not like you should not have your own plans or that you drop everything you are doing and go running when you are called. It is just that when a person need you and you are called on then you should be available to render assistance. When you are not always there you make the person you are trying to build a relationship with feel less important and on the bottom of your priorities even when it might not be true.

3. Give more than you receive

Building a strong relationship requires that you keep giving. Staying on the giving end helps you not become a leech to the other person. To build a strong relationship just keep giving until it becomes all you do.

4. Be attentive

It is highly important to pay attention to the people you are building a relationship with. Attentiveness makes you recognize behavioural changes in a person that could be as a result of any thing. Paying attention to a person makes you see what can not be put clearly in words.

5. Ask relevant questions

Asking the relevant questions confirms what you have observed. When building a relationship of strong significance, take your time to ask questions that gives you a glimpse of what is running in the other person’s head. Building a relationship is a process, you can’t expect someone who doesn’t trust you to tell you what you don’t ask. Asking confirms that you are interested in what goes on with them.

6. Listen

Listening is the art of keeping quiet and hearing what is been said. It is important to always listen to what is said if you are interested in building strong relationships. Listening to what the other party is saying makes the other party feel important and feeling important is what keeps a relationship.

7. See things from the same perspective

You can not build a relationship with someone whom you don’t see the importance in what they call important. Seeing things from the same perspective provides a common ground for relationship building.

8. Be a person of integrity

Integrity makes you credible and trustworthy. The people you are building a relationship with have to see you as a person if integrity. People always prefer to build a relationship with someone stable and trustworthy.

9. Speak about things that matter to you

You always have to let the people you are building a relationship with understand your point of view at all times, you can only achieve this when you speak on matters important to you. Talking about the things that are important to you helps you to reevaluate the core essence of the relationship.

10. Be flexible

The state of being flexible is to be willing or ready to yield to the influence of others. You can only enjoy the beauty of a relationship when you are open to new things and see things from a newer perspective. I am not saying you should always change your values just because you are trying to build a relationship however be flexible!!!

Now you are equipped with how to build strong relationships. Go out there and keep building!!!!

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