Fashion is always changing and trends change all the time. Fashion simply defined, is a popular style, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle products, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body.Fashioning in the modern African world has improved drastically from the Stone Age till this 21st century. Fashion creation began from the mind of individuals who decided to bring out the beauty of nature transcended into human. Thus, fashion should be treated with utmost relevance because if not the lifestyle of culture it would be what?

Dating back to the time when Africans used to dress up in leaves, although some cultures in Africa still does owing to their believe that it’s the way it should be. Fashion has gone beyond mere words of what should be worn but rather how it should be worn. If you could remember some Nigerian Yoruba/Igbo attire with its dynamic influence to the world, you would realize how fashion trends has contributed to the cause of purposeful and entertaining life. In the world of today, everyone is glued to become a fashion designer amidst several handiwork because of the privileges that comes along with it. Statistics showed that 70% of the African countries in the next ten years are likely to wear clothing’s that are sewn by traditional African designers rather than those from oversea. This is because of the massive contribution Africans has contributed to the fashioning world.

If you’re quite conversant with the entertainment industry, you would observe the high-flying success rate of African fashion trends. Taking a look at the most anticipated and most viewed African-American movie “Black Panther” you would notice the inevitable African attires worn in the movie which has gained interest by the European countries. Sponsors and investors are showing interest in the African fashion world. Looking at the ‘Print Clashes’ South-African clothing, you would notice that prints are never going to go out of style because of the way it transforms outdated soloist pieces into revitalized ensembles.

Fashion trends like the Kimono Dress, hand bangles, bead necklaces, customized shoe laces, head gears are all products from the African culture which has gained interest on a global level.South-Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt etc. has skyrocket their own made fashion wears to the world where almost all foreign countries are adopting. Fashionindustries has improved the creation of African wears because of its modesty and attractiveness both in summer or winter climatic conditions.

Successful fashion industries for example believes in making clothingconvenient for itsconsumers and the adaptation of African fashion culture has expressed this. It’s no small perspective how African culture in fashion creation has influenced the world. Top-celebrities not only wear the all-white attires for events anymore but exhibit the African taste of simple fashion specification.

African fashion entrepreneurs are looking for means to make clothing last longer on the body and still maintain its attractiveness through careful research and idea brainstorming. Fashioning in the future to come will be most appealing to potential investors because of the large market that is opened to African fashion makers.

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