The lone-wolf personality is signified by an individual who prefers being alone and away from other humans. One that is not comfortable even cooperating with others as well. The same as with the animal for which this designation is named.

However, an actual “wolf” has far less chance of survival on its own.

I’d always love to be alone on myself. Because I believed living your life in your own way without external interference or influences makes you safer. People can be so desperate and tend to exploit you at every bit of information they have about you. Thus, I support keeping your life issues to yourself in order not to be victim of the cruelty of man.

I’ve seen people who entrusted their personal issues to others because of theĀ  saying, “a problem shared is half solved”. But this often turns untrue, because most people make a fool out of you at the expense of your vulnerabilities.
But with all these analysis, I discovered that being a lone-wolf will not take anyone far. Beause people are a mix of good and bad. People are inevitable and you will need them at every point in time. However, wisdom is profitable to direct so as to make the best out of them.

Do you just say, you want to be successful alone?

Then you can’t follow my former pattern, you must overcome your need to be a lone-wolf and relate with people. Everything you can ever engage in to get success must be appreciated by people.

You can’t succeed without people knowing what you do.

For instance, as a result of life uncertainties you’d stopped rolling with people and now you want to venture into business, whether you like it or not you must build relationships with clients if truly you want to be productive at the end of the day.
Permit me to share four things which can help you get over the need to become a lone- wolf in such a way that you won’t be vulnerable to attacks:

1. Decline The Past:

It can be somehow difficult to get over your past but you must learn to because that is how you can make the best out of life. There are some events you can’t call off you mind but you have to, so as to avoid bigger breakdowns.
To overcome the need to be a lone-wolf, you have to uproot the past. Because it always stands as a blockage for new and profitable developments.

If you want to move on and enjoy life and human beings, let go of the past and anticipate for the glorious and promising future.

2. Make Few Friends:

Take it or you leave it, not all the people on earth are that desperate, this is the more reason you should prepare for the better days. To get over being a lone-wolf, make few new friends if there’s a need to delete the jaded friends, and take time to master them. Don’t force yourself on them or the relationship to happen let it be organic. Allow wisdom to direct and with time you can discern the one to abhor and the one to free.

Be wise enough.

3. Be Independent and Sensitive:

You need some level of maturity when trying to get over being a lone-wolf. You must be independent and sensitive. For instance, not all issues you share out to people rather know the level of their maturity, how much they can control their emotions etc.

This is important so that you won’t be vulnerable.

4. Be responsible:

As long as we live on this planet we’ll not but experience one uncertainties or the other, but we must be bold and confident to take life by the storm. Family, friends, Colleague, neighbour will wrong you, as a matter of fact you will wrong yourself but learn to take responsibility by always being ready to forgo and forgive any offense. This might be hard but the truth is that it helps you as a person to grow.

5. Narrow down your expectations:

See mankind as an imperfect entity who can do and undo, and everyone is growing day by day. Don’t expect to much from people, always exclude the place of imperfections and by this you can enjoy people.

Life often present to us pleasant and bad experiences via people we least expect but we must be ready to stand our ground. Standing our ground to not let the heratbreaks of the past to bring us down is the only way we can move far in life.

To that situations and experiences that’s has made you conclude and clear your mind towards associating and relating with people, you need to get over it, to stay as a lone-wolf will not add any value to you rather it produces retrogression.

There are lot of goodness ahead of you which will not come to you except through partnership. This is because you can’t know it all or you do it all, but partnerships and relationships will expose you to life opportunities which will set you for global relevance.


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  1. Being alone wouldn’t solve any of ones problem. The reason why we have one another is to help each other succeed.

    Even though some few persons have disappointed us, we still can’t help but socialize.. that’s where every success lies.

    Thanks for sharing.

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