I subscribed data and also bought airtime for my mobile lines, so as to avoid communication lapse in my much anticipated gesture. I saved Grace’s mobile contact with the name: my inherited crush. With my data switched on, I opened my WhatsApp application to get a glimpse of Grace’s display picture and status updates. Her pictures were true reflection of my earlier imaginative description: they spoke volumes
Grace commanded a charming smile, worthy of raising the dead, healing the blind, and mending broken hearts. Her dental arrangement was second to none. She had sparkling teeth, radiating rays: similar to the sun. She was just perfect for a tooth paste advert. Her skin was spotless while her appearance was purely natural. Standing like a royal diadem on her head was a carefully notched headtie. She raised her head high like the horn of a unicorn. Her jewelries complemented her complexion and attire. No man born of a woman, beholds Grace, without looking back lustfully. She was an epitome of a goddess.
With less than two hours to noon, Grace kept to her fidelity via WhatsApp. We exchanged pleasantries and got chatted. I was man enough to adore her beauty and mind blowing accomplishments. She was appreciative of my flatteries, but never reciprocated the gesture– such is natural with ladies. To effectively wrap her hands round me, she made her motive plain to me. She needed to synergize with a team spirited and likeminded fellow, toward the development of her blog. Although her intention was at variance with mine, I concurred by saying: only those who leapfrog to opportunity frontiers of this caliber, will experience huge returns.
My journey with Grace, started on a virtual note. I made noticeable contributions to her blog as a blog poster and developer. The blog attracted huge traffic and popularity. Firms and companies partnered most with the blog for adverts and placements. Grace also made commendable inputs to see to the further elevation of her blog. We had a healthy competition with her towards the development of the blog. Her success story was a proof that hard work beat talent any day. Grace may not pin a hood ornament on her car burnet to proclaim her breathtaking accomplishments, but she is a woman of valor, who knows how to notch up result to the admiration of even her most impeccable foes
Meanwhile, I rejected every form of gratification she gave me out of the proceed of the blog because I wanted to maintain my prestige and give her the impression that I was not partnering with her to get paid. This was the major reason why she held me with high esteem. My intention which was to have a marriage leading relationship with Grace, wasn’t clearly defined and understood by her. To further establish myself as an indispensable asset to her, I was always available as a reservoir of solution and encouragements when necessary.
We discussed developmental issues in Africa a lot and also offered sustainable solutions. She was a patriotic Nigerian, who often spoke of her dreams of becoming the first female president of her fatherland. Get married first was always my wild remark when she blabs of her dream. I purposely chipped in relationship topics into most of our unscheduled discussions. It was the only strategy I knew, to express my incubated intention to her, after two years as colleagues and friends. Even though those topics were never intriguing to her, I still persevered by reframing the question to capture her mind. The more I tried over times, the more passive she appears on round table. I smelled a rat, but couldn’t unravel the mystery behind her reservation. I never wanted to be a looser in the game, even when she had naturally taken the lead. Hence, I decided to embark on an investigatory incursion into her private life.
In my quandary, I returned to Sam as a prodigal friend. I also needed alternative means to overturn my stereotype approach to capture Grace into a relationship. I picked up my phone and called Sam. He sounded excited to have heard from me after months of Sundays. He congratulated me for my remarkable contributions to Grace’s blog and her life entirely. As I was patiently waiting for Sam to finish his lengthy appreciations, my airtime was exhausted. He called back immediately in curiosity to know my role in Grace’s wedding preparations in fortnight. I never believed what he meant in shock. I had to confirm that it wasn’t the Grace linking the both of us. Sam was emphatic about what he earlier said. Wedding cards were already in circulation, while the media played the wedding jingles. My phone slipped to the floor; tears rolled down my eyes like a spring; my head was as hot as an oven. It dawn on me that I was actually running a rat race
It was an indelible experience. I was shattered and battered without consolation. I learnt never to foolishly up the ante in women affairs. My notion concerning women changed. This world may be physically driven by men, but emotionally controlled by women. I Never undermined the capacity of any woman from that day and beyond.

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The End!

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