You need to choose your career job as a student at the early stage of your life, and then plan and work towards it, that’s how you can get the job of your dream.

If you want to choose your career job as a student, then you need to read this blog post to the last word.

It is very important to choose the job you love at the same time it is more important to choose high paying job, when it comes to choosing the job of your dream, so that you will have enough money to live comfortable and life of your dream. In today’s world especially in Nigeria money is very important, so you need an accurate plan so that you won’t be poor.


Highest Paying Job In Nigeria In 2021




Surgeon is one of the highest paid job in Nigeria as at this moment, the service of a surgeon is needed in almost all hospitals in Nigeria, the most interesting part is that, there are few surgeons in Nigeria currently, while some even travel to developed countries to work for bigger paycheck, if you are a science student in any Nigerian secondary school and you want to choose the job that will make you millions of naira, then a Surgeon is the best choice for you at this moment.



The Nigerian entertainment industry has produced a lot of millionaires and billionaires even more than Nigerian universities, if you want to be rich by doing what you like, then been an entertainer is the best option for you, either you want to be an actress, actor, singer and others.

An average Nigerian entertainer earn over one million naira monthly while the popular ones even over ten million naira. Aside from the money earn doing their regular job, there are numerous brands that are ready to make them their ambassador, they make millions of naira from endorsement ideas, social media promotions and others.


Programmer is on my list for the highest paying job in Nigeria in 2021, programmers that work with big technology companies in Nigeria takes over 2 million naira home every month, although there are several Nigerian programmers that are poor because they are not employed, while some make huge amount of money as freelancer on several online platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and others.



Successful business owner also make millions of naira in Nigeria too, although most young Nigerians don’t want to be an entrepreneur because of one or two reasons. Dangote, Otedola and others are verified example of rich business owner in Nigeria. But remember before you choose to be an entrepreneur in Nigeria that not every businessman are successful in their business, some loss their investment.

Aeronautical Engineers

Aeronautical Engineers is the last on my list for the highest paying job in Nigeria in 2021.

Aeronautical Engineers are professionals who are trained to repair and maintain the aircrafts technology, they are very important to Nigerian government and the citizens because they ensure the safety of the nation’s aircrafts, military and commercial aircraft.