It is a dream of all undergraduate’s student to graduate with first class degree in university, but only a few students can make the sacrifice.

If you are in any university in Nigeria or other countries of this world, this blog post will help you to graduate with the first class; make sure you read this blog post to the end so that you will be able to graduate with first class.


It is not longer a story that, we have different methods of learning, your method may be completely different from mine, but there are still some tips that should be followed by everyone to guarantee academic success during your time at the University.

How To Graduate With A First Class Degree In Any University In The World


Don’t Copy Others

As an individual, we have different style, method and time of learning, it is very important to know the best method that works for you, and then make good use of it, don’t try to copy another else, you may not be able to adopt someone else method of learning, so stay on your lane.

There are some students that need to read for over two hours before they can understand any topic, while it will take just third minutes for some students to learn the same topic, some individuals love to read at night, while some usually read in the daylight.

Choose the method that works perfectly for you, don’t try to copy others.

Always Attend Lectures

This is the most important, aspect of all, make sure you attend all classes, this will help you to listen to your lecturer, ask questions, some lecturer makes attendance very important for their class, and it carries some mark.


Get Serious From the Beginning Of the Semester

Yes, if you want to graduate with first class in any university in Nigeria or other countries of the world, you need to get started immediately you resume, your day one success will determine how far you will go.

You don’t need to do your assignment in the last hour, do your assignment when others are not ready to do it, read before test or examination, it is very important that you do this, so that I won’t be complicated for you when it is time for examination or test.


Develop Your Research Skills

You need to develop research skills, as a student you don’t need to relax with all what your lectures give you, you need to research get more material and information about every course, it will increase your knowledge and makes you better student than your counterpart.

You can get additional information about your course from the library either online or offline.

Make Friends With Those Who Have The Same Vision As You

It is very important to make good friends, not the bad ones, make sure your friends have the same vision as you, don’t relate with anyone who don’t have the same vision as you.


Obtain Old Exams Question Papers and Assignments

Pass questions will help you to prepare for assignments and exams, with the help of past questions you will be able to test your ability and improve if you are not good enough.