Having a perfect dress sense is not as hard as people polish it to be. Below are few notable tips on how to achieve the perfect dress sense.

  • Let the occasion dress you : Let the occasion be the guide to your choice of outfit. Every occasion has its perfect dress style. A perfect understanding of where you are going determines your choice of what to wear.

This lady is obviously dressed for a relaxing time and not for the corporate world.

  • Dress your shape: Not all style of clothing is designed for every body shape. When your dressing flatters your shape, you look elegant even with minimal effort.

In the above picture, the dress worn by the lady looks good on her because of her size .

  • Let the season be your guide when choosing an outfit: Every season comes with clothes for the purpose. Wearing a heavy sweater on a sunny day looks hideous and could earn you looks that might make you uncomfortable.
  • Wear Quality: People will always notice if you are spotting quality or not. Quality is not as expensive as it sounds. You could get quality products even at affordable prices. Quality saves you the embarrassment associated when someone notices just how fake you are.

  • Get outfits for your life style: we all lead different lifestyle which ultimately requires us to dress accordingly. When shopping for outfit always put your lifestyle in mind. Filling your wardrobe with outfits for your life style makes it easier to make a decision on your choice of outfit. Making the choice of buying those crazy Jean you know you wouldn’t wear for a long time over that blazers for immediate interviews could cost you dearly.

Choose to buy what you obviously need and not what appeals to you but doesn’t fit into your lifestyle.

  • Wear colours that looks good on you: Every complexion shade has colours that brings out the beauty of their complexion. I am not saying that because a particular colour looks good on you you should not wear other colours.

Why not wear colours that brings the beauty of your shade and not colours that makes you look odd??

Good foot wear brings out your combo: No matter how beautiful your combo is, if you don’t match them up with good foot wear then the effort channeled towards combining the clothes is practically wasted.

  • Accessorise properly: Pairing up your clothes with good accessories can either make or break your style. The right accessory can transform a work outfit into an outfit for a date.

The right accessory is the game changer.

  • Complete your look with a nice bag: The right bag completes your look and gives the overall elegance you are craving to achieve. The right bag for an occasion is dependent on where you’re going. For an event, a clutch might be great but for a day at the office then your hand bag is bae .

Don’t forget that your bag should be able to accommodate your essentials.

  • Dress you: What completes the chic look is dressing to show your personality. When you dress, do so in manner that screams you. Dressing you tends to have give a boost to how you carry your self. Let your personality show in your outfit this doesn’t mean you should disrespect fashion codes of dressing.

As you can see, the lady in the picture is an African and she let it show by incorporating African print in her work outfit

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