Yes, you read that right. To hate is not totally a bad idea. Even though the truth will hurt, it is for your own betterment when you expose yourself to it.
If you genuinely want to make impact in your generation, there are three things among others to hate, when aspiring for success.

These three things are stated below:

(1) Complacency

This is when someone is performing below their potential. It is the attitude of being satisfied with mediocrity.
Naturally as humans, we sync with effortless stuffs; things that produce enormous reward with little or no input.

However, you must know that cheap successes are temporal, and sometimes it processes are illegal (which is totally wrong).
Mankind by default get motivated and inspired at the presence of dynamism. They are moved when the unusual occurs.

Excellence is what people celebrate and exchange their wealth for; get to work today, to rise above your limitations.
When your input is extraordinary, you will get extreme output. It is undeniably true.

(2) Competition

When you know your goals, you don’t compete with others. “Unclear vision make a man struggle”

I vehemently believe that if your purpose is clear to you, you don’t need unnecessary pressure, to compete with anyone, you cover your jurisdiction.

Being strategic, doesn’t make you competitive; it’s unprofessional to compete with the B party, because it projects your inactiveness.

Let there be clarity in all you do, and see your self out of the competing party, to a complete entity free from pressures with outstanding results.

(3) Compromise

Never will you be aspiring for success and compromise, it’s just a waste of time and resources.
When you disallow compromise; you maintain your standards at all cost, your principles and policies balance, your brand will then peak.

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