It is obvious that opportunities are in almost everything we do it is only left to us to harness those opportunities as they come.

The question is what exactly is an opportunity?? The answer is simple.

An opportunity is a chance for advancement, progress or profit.

The above definition simplifies the stress of differentiating between an opportunity and the opposite.

Anything that doesn’t give you a chance for advancement,progress or profit is not an opportunity no matter how promising it may look

Opportunities don’t necessarily come screaming, they can be salient but it doesn’t make it less viable.

As important as it is to take opportunities we must be properly equipped to identify these opportunities as they come.

The big question is what exactly are you doing to find out opportunities and the ones you have realized what are you doing about it???

The major characteristic of a viable opportunity lies in it’s ability to be recognizable by other people. This means that you are not the only one seeing the opportunity, others can see it too. Don’t waste time!!!

An opportunity is not an opportunity when nobody sees it as one.

I am not trying to say everybody will buy into what you are planning to do, however, there should be someone who truly believes in the viability of that opportunity. It is only left to you to find that person in due time.

Don’t cheat yourself, that opportunity won’t wait for you forever. Do something now!!!

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