Dating tips for women

As with every other thing in life, aside from some constant circumstances, there are specific ways to make things happen, this also applies to dating. We understand this that is why we bring to you dating tips that you need to navigate the dating space in the realities of the present world.

There are some tested and trusted dating tips to have a lovely dating experience, and in the best-case scenario, end up wedded with your partner. You can only enjoy a lovely dating experience only when you have a date right? Well, read here to find out how to find a date.

The end justifies the means right?

As a lady, you should know and have perfect control of these dating tips at your fingertips so as to be the best person you can be and also make your partner the best for you.

These dating tips have proved to work wonders among dating partners, so without further ado, I would be sharing these dating tips with you so you can have a lovely dating experience.

Dating tips for Women

1. Create an excellent first impression on your first date:

As it is said, “the first impression lasts longer”. When you present yourself as a lovely, kind, caring and composed person to your partner on your first date, there is a high chance that the two of you would end up being love birds. With a good first impression, your subsequent shortcomings or mistakes can be overlooked. In case your previous relationship fell through due to your bad behaviour or habits, it is still okay to present yourself as a good person but remember that we are humans and we can change, so I am charging you to change or review your habits so you can have a lovely dating experience.

2. Be Open:

Your partner should be your life support, you shouldn’t be secretive to your partner, make your partner into you by pouring your heart out to him. If you think there are secrets or previous relationship(s) that your dating partner needs to know about, you should tell him before he finds out from another source. Your partner you should also be able to go through your gadgets, especially your phone, you should also be able to check his gadgets too, this gives both of you a sense of openness, sincerity and possession towards each other, as our gadgets are mainly where relationship threatening occurrences goes down.

3. Talk less about your previous relationships:

When you have a new partner, you shouldn’t dwell on the past, instead, try to see what the future holds. When you keep talking about your previous partner, you will make your new partner feel inferior or even useless. Even if you feel your previous partner treats you better than your new partner, just hope and consider what the future brings. In case you are in your first relationship and this doesn’t apply to you, try to be understanding and considerate with your new partner, you might come into a relationship with some expectations but your partner couldn’t live up to them, don’t start complaining and nagging as this may rile your partner up.

However, as mentioned earlier, if there is something detrimental to your dating that happened in your previous relationship, do not hesitate to tell your partner about it.

4. Cope with your differences:

When a relationship is mentioned, it doesn’t deal with a person and whenever we mention more than one person, we have to consider differences. I am trying to let you know that you cannot escape having differences in your relationship because you and your partner are two separate entities. In a relationship, you have to blend and adapt to the individual character of your partner. You should also try to change your partner in some instances but not forcefully. In addition, you should see yourself as impeccable or a “know it all”, you can also have faults and make mistakes.

Note: If the differences between you and your partner lead to domestic abuse, please leave that relationship, your well-being is paramount.

5. Be Lively:

This is a very important part of a relationship, this dating tip should take preference when you are out of the house or on dates. When you are lively, your partner feels in tune with you, but if you are not, your partner would feel like he is forcing things and he might just bow out of the relationship in the long run. However, while trying to be lively don’t be loquacious, just be in sync with your partner. This dating tip is underrated but I am telling you, it works magic. Even if you feel unhappy about something you can say it in a way that is not too harsh and present it politely to your partner.

The sixth of the dating tips

I know I said five but let me give you a bonus, if you find yourself in a disagreement with your man, try to act cool and conceal your anger, remember two hotheads can’t solve a problem.

However, every lady must understand that even after following every tip in the book, you cant will another person to show interest in you the same way you do. Nevertheless, there are signs that show when a relationship is not working.

On a final note ladies, remember that your gender is your pride and never feel inferior to your man but be considerate and understanding, use these additional dating tips and watch how lovely your dating will become.



Much love from Amazons Clique

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