Africa Agricultural Potential


During these perilous times, we need progressive innovations that will remediate our present absurdities, and set our economy on the path of growth and prosperity.

4 Proven Ways To Make Money On Facebook

I'm very sure that you have logged in and spent at least two hours on Facebook today, but did you know that can actually make money on the same Facebook. Make sure you read...

Common Mistakes Business Owners Make

Common Mistakes Business Owners Make   Starting a business is not as simple as you think, there's more to it, it takes a lot of days, weeks something years of hard work with your team before...
why startups fail

13 common reasons why startups fail frequently| Amazons clique

Statistics show that about 80% of startups end up failing in the first five years of existence. The big question is the reason why startups fail? With the growing rate of unemployment, people have...

Tested and trusted entreprenuerial tips

Entrepreneurship is an act of creating a business or businesses while building and scaling it to generate a profit. It is started as an idea borne out of  innovation by a person called an  ENTREPRENEUR....

What Is The Way Forward: Savings or Investment?

Financial freedom is all about reaching the stage of life where you have enough money to do all that you need to do. It involves having enough to take care of your needs and...

How To Growing Your Customer Base As An Entrepreneur

  It is very important for an entrepreneur to know how to attract customers to buy their product or service, especially small business owner that doesn't have professional salesman or marketing team, and still want...

The Reality of Money

Everybody wants to make money. Infact the driving force for most of our decisions boils down to making money. The truth is everything is not always as it seems.

A Beginners Guide on Insurance

Insurance can be an overwhelming subject. However, it is very importance to understand the nitty gritty of the subject. This post provides all yye information a beginner needs on insurance.

What qualifies a true entrepreneur

Considering the incessant call for the youth to become entrepreneurs, has anybody stopped for a second and asked the question, "can everybody be an entrepreneur?" The fact is everybody cannot be successful and happy as...