A Beginners Guide on Insurance

Insurance can be an overwhelming subject. However, it is very importance to understand the nitty gritty of the subject. This post provides all yye information a beginner needs on insurance.

The Result-oriented Approach to a Successful Business

With the increasing number of failed businesses, it has become pertinent to bring to light result oriented approach to run a successful business.

What makes a business idea viable?

The thought of starting your business is very appealing but have you ever tried to evaluate the viabilty of that idea. Stop doing charity and call it business

The positive influence of volunteering on your business

Anybody with the aim to become the very best in their field of interest should ultimately consider the power of volunteering. Volunteering welds some sort of power that is easily overlooked probably because the...


over the years the strategies for statups and business initiation remains constant. These strategies are the bedrock of business.

Why you need to have your business plan written

The first step to understanding why it is necessary to have a written business plan for your business is understanding the meaning of a business plan itself. That brings us to the question, "what...

What qualifies a true entrepreneur

Considering the incessant call for the youth to become entrepreneurs, has anybody stopped for a second and asked the question, "can everybody be an entrepreneur?" The fact is everybody cannot be successful and happy as...

What are the common reasons why startups fail.

With the growing rate of unemployment, people have been clamouring for the youths to stop seeking jobs and start creating them. Let's start with what a startup mean. A startup is a company designed for rapid...

Do you need that big break???

I know I am answering that question with a big yes, what about you? Well if we are on the same page about this then read on. After acquiring all the right skills, qualifications and...

What you need to be absolutely different

The labour force has become sooo saturated that everybody's abilities is constantly re- evaluated. The growing number of entrepreneurs and job seekers has made it important to constantly develop additional skill set. As an entrepreneur...


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