Burna Boy is a Nigerian singer and songwriter, his full name is Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, he was born on 2 July 1991 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State , Nigeria. Currently, he’s one of the most popular and successful African artists.

He came to limelight in 2012 after he drop a single “Like to Party” from his debut studio album L.I.F.E in 2013, before he signed record deal with Bad Habit/ Atlantic Records in the United States likewise Warner Music Group.

If you want to know more about Burna Boy, the this article is for you, make sure you read to the end, so that you can know quick and hidden fact about Burna Boy.

Quick And Unknown Facts About Burna Boy


Burna Boy Is The First Son Of His Parents

Burna is the first and only son of his parents Bose and Samuel Ogulu. He has two sisters, Ruonami and Nissi respectively, they based in London, United Kingdom.


Burna Boy Is Managed By His Mother

Only few people know this, even Burna Boy’s fan don’t know because his mother doesn’t usually make public appears, although there are several image of Burna Boy and his mother on the internet.

Burna Boy’s mother, Bose Ogulu speaks numerous language including French, Italian, English, German, and Yoruba, she is a translator for the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce. According to Burna Boy “she’s the only one [he trusts] to really have [his] best interest”.


His First Album Sold Over 50 000 Copies In Just One Day

Burna Boy’s debut studio album titled “Leaving an Impact for Eternity (LIFE)” sell over 50,000 copies on it’s first day of release.



Burna Boy’s First Artist Name Is Shotgun

When Burna Boy was a teenager, he started with freestyle and also produce, during this period he stage name is Shotgun, before changed it to Burna Boy because he was a fan of superhero and he wanted his stage name to sound like a superhero name from comic books just like Spiderman, Super man, that is how came up with Burna Boy.

Burna Boy Got His First Tattoo At 15

Burna Boy got his first tattoo when he 15 years of age, during this period he said tatooes are a representative of him, currently, Burna Boy has over 12 tattoos, including Fela Kuti tattoo on his arm.


Spaceship Collective record Label


Burna Boy and his mother and manger Bose Ogulu established a record label called Spaceship Collective. Nissi (Burna Boy’s sister) is one of the artists that was signed to the label and his mother is the executive of the record label.



Burna Boy’s Grandfather Worked For Fela Kuti

Burna Boy’s grandfather was Fela Kuti’s manager, likewise his mother Bose also work with Fela Kuti.


Grammy Award Winner

Burna Boy’s album Twice as Tall won Global Music Album in 2021 Grammy Awards Ceremony, he is the first Nigerian to win the Award, his album African Giant was nominated for Grammy Award last year but lose to Angelique Kidjo.

Burna Boy Is Aspires By Jay Z And Want To Be Great As Him.