Mattress is one of the most important product, we can’t do without either you are poor or rich, I’m very sure you have one in your bedroom right now, thousands of mattress are sold every year in Nigeria alone, currently there are numerous mattress brands in Nigeria, but only few brand produces good and quality mattress that last for long period.

Why You Should Choice Quality Mattress

There are numerous advantages that comes with when you sleep on quality mattress.

  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Better Sleeping Experience and more.

If you want to know the best mattress brands in Nigeria in 2021, so that you won’t buy fake or sub-standard mattress when next you want to invest your money in any mattress in Nigeria in 2021.

Best Mattress Brands in Nigeria

Vitafoam Mattress

Vitafoam Mattress is one of the best and most popular mattress brand in Nigeria over the years, Vitafoam mattress is produced by Vitafoam Nigeria Plc. This popular organization was registered in Nigeria in 1962, currently they are product of a partnership deal between British Vita and Unilever.

As at the moment of writing this blog post, Vitafoam Nigeria Plc is the largest mattress manufacturer and distributor West Africa.

Vitafoam Mattresses is currently used by millions of people across Africa and other continent because it is durable, cheap, quality and varied hardness, this incredible company design numerous custom-made mattresses and pillows.

Mouka Mattress

Mouka Foam Mattress is also on the list for the best mattress brands in Nigeria in 2021, the popular and high demand mattress start producing mattress in Nigeria in 1959 and since then it is best option for millions of Nigerians, when it comes to bed making.

If you want quality sleep experience, then Mouka best for you because it is made of quality materials that put together, sourced and selected by the professionals.

Mouka Foam produce numerous luxury mattress like Well-being mattress, Economy mattress, Mainstream mattress and others mattress cheap mattress.

Winco Mattress

Winco Mattress is one of the best mattress brand in Nigeria as at 2021, Winco Mattress are top quality, it was produce from quality and durable materials that are safe for human and environmentally friendly.

If you need quality and comfortable mattress in Nigeria, invest your money in any Winco mattress of your choice.

Polly Mattress

Polly Mattress were the production of Group Enterprises Nigeria Limited an organization operated in Nigeria,

Polly Mattress is the definition of quality and durable mattress brand name, owned by Group Enterprises a Nigerian owned company that was located in Onitsha, Nigeria.

Polly Mattress is opened for manufacturing in 1980, after it has been the company was incorporated on 19th April, 1978.

Polly Mattress manufacture numerous quality mattress of textures and grades for your varying body needs and also budget.

Polly Foam Mattress the best Nigeria owned mattress company, if you need a top quality mattress for yourself and family, Polly mattress is the best for answer to your question.

There are numerous mattress brands in Nigeria over the years and currently but these are the best mattress brands in Nigeria in 2021, you won’t regret it if you invest your money in any of these mattress brands.