Barrack and Michelle Obama

From our previous post, we have said we would do a feature on prominent love stories that catch our eye. This week, we would be doing the Barrack and Michelle Obama love story.

Love is a beautiful thing and we are intrigued by the love that Barrack and Michelle Obama share. The love story of Barrack and Michelle from how they met, to the white house and after the White House is a true case of grass to grace.

How they started

Barrack and Michelle met when they were working together at a law firm where she was assigned to mentor him. They had their first date and the rest they say is history.

What kept Barrack and Michelle Obama together

  • Mutual respect: love is about respecting each other’s goals and aspirations. We can see this in how Michelle stood by Barrack all through his campaign and made sure his political career was successful.
  • Sacrifice: what makes a relationship stand out is the sacrifices that is made for each other. Putting aside a thriving career to support your husband is not an easy decision. Barrack also made sure that he made the sacrifice to be available as much as he can.

Moral of their story

It’s not about the now but the tomorrow. You don’t know who your colleague might become and for this reason it is important to treat everyone with respect. If Michelle had been rude when she was suppose to mentor Barrack, there would have been no attraction.

The icing on the cake is that grass to grace stories still happen even in our today’s world. Yes, you need to put on the work but this might just be you and your spouse in the not too distant future.

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