If only the eagle knew the little chick has a brave mother she wouldn’t have been on a goose chase.

It’s of no use to cry over spilt milk when the rain has fallen.

According to the world best early surgeon Ben Carson “my life, my passion, my admire for surgery is second to none” when his colleague are beating round the bush to separate two identical twins. because they lost purpose for their career. Many failed even at the top of their career, weep in silence even at authority, mourn in regret even when on power but something is missing somewhere, they failed to know why they were there.

Don’t measure a man’s success by how he climbs, but how high he bounces when he hits bottom. (George patton).

A day to reflect on your past archives even when you dwell in pride but people watching you break down in silence and mock at you while failing. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

Your career is your life; your career is your tomorrow.

Discovering your purpose early makes you fly your dream early. if a fool at 40 is a fool forever climbing the climax of youth, then a fool at 20 is a fool for life. plan for your career today, discover the purpose for career.

Your optimity in your career can only be determined by you. ‘only you’ how effective can you perform? what skills, talent and knowledge can bring out your best? My best phrase is plan for tomorrow so you can drink like a fish in water and not out of water even when life seems to be hungry like a slying fox you can still have the lion’s share.

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