It is interesting to realize that the women of this generation prefer to hide under the umbrella of feminism to express their abrupt rudeness and lack of character. They think feminism is all about leveraging on your femininity to manipulate the opposite sex into getting what they want even though they are obviously unqualified. The subject of feminism all depends on what you see as feminism.

What is feminism according to the dictionary?

According to Wikitionary, Feminism is a social theory or political movement which argues that legal and social restrictions on women must be removed in order to bring about equality of both sexes in all aspects of public and private life. Anything done outside this definition is something else and no more feminism.

The argument of feminism is of high importance in recent times where some people still live in the archaic mentality that women should watch on the side lines when they can be can be doing something interesting and worthwhile by joining in the race. The fight of true feminism is a fight of every woman most especially in countries where there are age long traditions that regards the woman as a lesser human to the man.

True feminism starts from improving your self-esteem as a woman and not been arrogant or highly disrespectful. No motivational speaker can help you with your self-esteem if you wouldn’t help yourself to get your self esteem in the right track. It is amusing that you have not realized that people only see you how you see yourself and not what how you expect them to see you or how they should. Before a man looks down on you as a woman, you must have portrayed your lack of value for yourself to him.


True feminism also involves that you improve yourself in all respect. You don’t expect equality when you are not even qualified to be called an equal. Look at yourself in the mirror and develop where needs to be developed. Be thorough about this evaluation so you don’t cover up what need to be worked upon. Self development in every area is the only thing that earns you he respect that you need to be regard as an equal.

There is a limit to what your looks and femininity can get you.

It is up to you to correct the misinterpretation about feminism. If you are a feminist, it is of grave importance to show your feminism in all aspect of your life. You don’t express feminism only when you think it works and then neglect it when you think you don’t have much or anything to benefit. To everything that has an advantage, there is a disadvantage. Expressing feminism only when it looks like the easy way out is a dent on your integrity as an individual and enforces the perspective that you are not to be taken serious.

Show your feminism at all times, if you interested in the ulterior benefit that comes from it.

A firm advocate of feminism should be working on empowering girls and women and not misleading them into misbehaving and calling it feminism. A firm advocate should empower other women by investing in their business, training them to be independent and survive on their strength. You can’t win this fight against woman discrimination on your own or break the age-long perception of women as less of what they are on your own. Other women are needed to see things from the feminist perspective and that is why you should empower other women see things from your feminist perspective and join in the fight against this menace that has eaten deep into our society.

The independence of a woman does not mean lack of character, or looking down on people of the opposite sex. It means she should be able to look at others the same way she looks at herself. Don’t forget feminism is all about equality, that is having the same set of opportunities and not been looked down open only because you were born a woman and not a man.

We were not even allowed to choose our sex so why is it so difficult to see the next person as a human and treat the next person equally irrespective of their sex?

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