I was of great cheer when I heard the Nigerian government has signed the #nottooyoungtorun bill. This brought about the thought “Are the Nigerian youths truly ready to be leaders?”

It is saddening to realize that after the struggle and clamour for a place in leadership for the Nigerian youth, the youth don’t seem ready to take over. The youths feeds the doubt about their leadership capabilities when they are in the place of authority. The youth tends to do more harm than you can imagine probably as a result of unexperience, negligence, indecisiveness, naiveness and underestimating the place of power.

While the bill is a big step forward in the democracy of Nigeria, it could easily become an avenue to promote godfatherism, unqualified leaders and nepotism.

The not too young to rule bill allows a 25year old Nigerian to run for House of Representatives, a 35year old Nigerian to run for Senate and a 40year old Nigerian to run for presidency.

This new development should motivate the youths to start making something of themselves instead of expecting everything on a platter of gold in a bid to be ready for leadership. Now we can confidently say that we are the leaders of tommorow, finally the tomorrow has arrived.

Are you truly ready to become the leader of tomorrow?? If you are ready, prove it…


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