Franklin Lloyd Wright was a very famous architect. In his works he designed so many beautiful buildings, homes and other exceptional structures. Towards the end of his career. One day a reporter met him and asked. “Of all your many beautiful designs, which one is your favourite?” without missing words,

Frank Lloyd Wright mused out, “my next one.”

What Franklin Lloyd Wright had, was a heart always longing for more. He was never satisfied with his works, magnificent structures and his dreams. This is how great men acts. They come to the peak of a dream and will never stop there. Ingrained in their heart is a drum always beating for more. They come to a crossroad and want to still travel the way. In a relentless effort dig in their hills and climb more mountains.

They come towards the room of riches and a house full of diamonds but they won’t just sleep there.

They’ll dream for a house full of golds. This is the way God wants us to always live our lives. He always wants us to ask more and to go onward with a mindset of doing more.
This was seen in the ministry of Jesus. He will come to a city and multiple wonders will take place. The sick will be healed, the lepers cleansed, blind eyes will open and the lame will walk. But never will he want to settle there. He was always longing for more. I have found out that those whose settle in their little achievement never live to see their best days.

If you’ll conquer your world and make much impact you need to ask and long for more.

Mr. Jabez was born in a low-income family. He came from a poor humble background. No body in his family had a great prestige. He was born into of sorrow and grief. But Mr. Jabez decided to do something no other person did. He longed for more. Here’s what the bible says .”And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” So God granted him what he requested.” [1Chr.4:10]

Jabez needed more blessing, more territory, more coast and more gifts from the lord. Has God bless you? Seek more, long for more. God’s store house is never empty of supply.

When Alexander the great took over the kingdom from his father Philip II he was only twenty years. He fought battles and conquered in all. He was never defeated in any. By the age of thirty he created the largest empire of the then world. This man was always longing for more and he got it. He conquer the world like no other. This is what he once said “There are no more worlds to conquer!” This man wanted someone who will conquer him, he needed someone mightier, he was longing for more but found non. If you have walk round the earth, if you’ve achieve dreams, if you’ve break into the abyss
Of life and grab all you ever needed, still don’t stay there. Long for more, crave for more.

You need more to make your dream a bigger one.

As a child, I discovered that we were never satisfied with what mum or dad did buy for us. Each day as we get to see something new. We will all want to get it. We all long for dad or mum to reach into their pocket and get it. When we approach God we should always come to him as children. We should always want more from him. Deep in the inside of you, lies an empty vacuum yet to be filled by the only one who made you. You need more of his anointing, more of his grace, more of his power, more fruitfulness, more joy, more love, more dreams and more blessings. Stretch out beyond your present limit and exercise more of your potentials. Your best days are yet to come.

Just like Frank Lloyd Wright, you haven’t yet seen your best drawing. Just like Alexander the great you haven’t yet seen yet seen a world to conquer. Crave for more, do more, climb more and you’ll go beyond the limit of the sky.

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