Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online business over the past decade, currently affiliate marketing is more profitable, because the number of online shopping keep increasing daily, and numerous affiliate program, e-commerce website and others online brand keep launching numerous product both physical and digital, several digital marketers and affiliate marketers makes billions of dollars across the globe.


If you want to join the thousands of affiliate marketers to make huge amount money, then you need to read this informative article to the end.


What is Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a marketing method where product manufacturer or producer allow anyone to promote his or her product, and them when they refer customer to buy, that’s you sign up to promote another man’s product or service and if anyone buy through your affiliate link you get paid immediately.

Almost all bloggers, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, webmasters and others are into affiliate marketing because it is profitable and easy you can even be making money when you are sleeping, all you need to do is to promote the product or service, then people will buy, then you get paid a commission based on percentage of the product or service.

List Of Affiliate Marketing Programs



There are numerous affiliate marketing programs both online and offline, I will explain some and the most popular affiliate marketing program currently.


Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia allow their affiliate marketers to earn up to 11% commission on every sale. Jumia is one of the most popular and trusted e-commerce website in Nigeria and other African countries.

You can sign up for Jumia affiliate program, they approve everyone who any serious condition, you can make millions of naira when you promote any jumia product on your blog, social media page and other online platforms, all you need to do is to drive huge traffic to offer and you will started making money even when you are sleeping.


Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is the one of the most popular and most used e-commerce website globally, they give all users the opportunity to sign up as an affiliate marketer without paying a dime, you can start your affiliate marketing career from Amazon.

Amazon’s Affiliate Program allow you to promote any product of your choice and interests, it is simple and easy to sign up as an affiliate marketer on Amazon, there are millions of sellers on this e-commerce website that sell billions of product, in which you select any product of your choice.

Other Affiliate Marketing Program

  • Konga Affiliate Program
  • Shopify Affiliate Program
  • AliExpress Affiliate Program
  • ClickBank Affiliate Program and more.


How To Promote Your Affiliate Offer Or Affiliate Link

You can promote your affiliate link or offer on your blog, social media page, PPC advertisement, and other methods of advertisement.


How To make Money As An Affiliate Marketer Without A Website

If you want to make money as an affiliate marketer without a website, you can make use of the social media, create a Facebook, Instagram or other social media page, build your audience on this platforms or run advert.

In Conclusion

Affiliate Marketing works perfect when your have huge audience that trusts you, that is when they will be able to buy any product or service you promote, so as a digital marketer, blogger, social media influencer, make sure you gain trust from your online and offline audience before you think of promotion any affiliate marketing product or service.