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Isn’t it amazing how the rich and the poor are well distinguished in the society. What do you think is responsible for this?

But surprisingly the effort of the poor most notably seems enormous than the rich.
Cool enough what you’re today is as a result of how bad or how well you plan. Your output gave the clear picture.

It is a popular saying that ”When opportunity meet with plan it becomes luck.

So every thing you see as luck today is tied to the plan that has been put in place before an opportunity unfolds itself.

What then is this saying? is it that plan brings opportunity?

Of course not but planning makes any opportunity real and viable to achieve. Without opportunity every man’s attempt is a guess work that will only tend to an end of no return. Opportunities makes life worthwhile but our plans makes life worth living for.

Our plan is the strength by which we live every new day with hope and courage and in it you can find fulfilment. Whatsoever you aspire for in life, take your time to plan for it and be opened to executing the plan as opportunities will present itself.

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