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We are at the doorstep of a new leadership era in Abia State. A period were applaudable governance is weighed on the scales of progressive innovations for the governed. The adopted democratic system of governance in Nigeria has now gained ground as a means of electing leaders into public offices. It has also conferred on civilians, the oxygen of power to drive governance for the betterment of the nation. Little wonder ‘Abians’ are fully anticipated for a transitional government, headed by a developmentally driven governor for the next reign that may not last beyond four (4) years.
Anyway, in this period of political uncertainty and developmental urgency as the case is in Abia State, there are young gubernatorial aspirants, patriotic enough with creative minds and capacity to help fizzle out the ‘developmental heat’ in the State from rising beyond boiling point. For the next governorship reign, Abians are in dire need of a ‘say-doer’ or a ‘savior’ that will lead the State to the promise land and not a demagogue whose egocentric interest will only deepen the state into the abyss. As a young gubernatorial aspirant who is not oblivious of the pains of Abians, I navigated to the drawing board to procure feasible developmental roadmap—in what I termed: ‘2023 Three Points Agendas for a Revamped Abia State’
Knowing fully well that 1 roads in Abia State are in deplorable conditions, my administration will be focused on changing this narrative if elected. It is instructive to note that no development is sustainable with deplorable conditions of roads which serve as conduit of wealth distribution amongst citizens. With this in mind, an appreciable portion of the state financial budget shall specifically be channeled for road construction under the auspices of the Abia State Desired New Roads Agency (ASDNRA).
The ASDNRA shall monitor road construction works on sites to ensure that standard are strictly complied with, contractors meet target, and abandoned roads are completed. Also, the ASDNRA will be coordinating road construction in all the Local Governments Areas of the State for even spread of road development in the State.
As a proof of good fate, the ASDNRA will keep Abians abreast with financial expenditure of road projects in the state for query and investigation, as an enhancement to credibility of my government. In addition, the ASDNRA will partner with the present Abia State Road Maintenance Agency (ABROMA), to prevent fissures on roads from bursting into gapping cracks. A sub-agency of ASDNRA which I coin as: Operation Keep Abia Clean (OKAC) will specifically be responsible for sanitizing the State against odoriferous miasma of refuse dumps, especially on roads. Furthermore, the OKAC shall be vested with authority to tender penalty to sanitation offenders as well as give monthly reports on the State environmental compliance, environmental hygiene and needs.
Going forward, an administration headed by my humble self shall run an inclusive governance. This is to ensure that we wear a human face in our dealing with the citizens of Abia State. Moreover, a governor will not be an ‘enlightened strongman’ parse, but is expected to be a consensus building coordinator of committees and a uniter-in-chief of the citizens. Consequently, my administration would hold regular town hall meetings with traditional rulers, clerics, captains of industries, students, artisans and other stakeholders. This is aimed at recognizing their voices and ensuring that their views and inputs are taken into consideration in our policy formulation and implementation processes.
In addition to the inclusiveness of my administration, I would run an ‘open government principle’. This implies that Abians would have the leverage of accessing my government’s administrative dealings at will. This principle will strengthen the transparency of my administration and encourages citizens as active participant in my government. Inclusiveness of my administration also means that appreciable quota would be strategically allocated for women to occupy in my government. This is channeled at harnessing the potential of women as contributors to my government. More so, protecting the right of the girl child
Lastly, my third developmental agenda for Abia would consolidate the commercial driven State with education. This synergy is targeted at improving the status of entrepreneurship in the State to global standard, while prioritizing education amongst the citizens. In achieving this, educational curriculum at all levels in the state would be expanded to accommodate new technologies so as to allow students conveniently translate theoretical knowledge into innovative entrepreneurial skills for self-sustenance. Hence, reducing burden on government and making education recognized as a game changer for entrepreneurial development.
As a credit, an expanded educational curriculum will better position students to make advances on already established entrepreneurial skills. It will also escalate students’ global competitiveness and industry-relevance, before and after graduation. On the part of entrepreneurs with little or no educational background, I shall establish skill acquisition centers with state-of-the-art facilities in all the Local Government Areas of the State. These centers would cover varieties of entrepreneurial skills—for trainings and skill optimizations. In addition, these centers will cater for the educational needs of the interns. Such initiative, coupled with non interest entrepreneurial loans will serve as a harbinger for job creation in the State, and better fine tune more inclusive voices to my administration
In conclusion, there is no need for Abians to be waxed with wave of hysteria in anticipation for the next governor. In a democratic setting, vote count and Abians are expected to vote wisely based on transcript of a gubernatorial aspirant, and their means of actualizing their publicized manifesto. Abians need a governor with capacity to lead, and who would focus on the vision and mission of the founding fathers, who bequeathed a solid developmental culture to their successors. Roads developments, inclusive governance and synergizing education with entrepreneurship, are my developmental agendas for the State, if elected governor in 2023.

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