If you are aiming at building a quality relationship, the role of self development can not be underestimated. Numerous relationships are no longer in existence because both parties have failed to remain in the school of self development. All round self development in the financial, physical, emotional, mental, behavioral and every area of life you can think of, is key to building a quality relationship. The responsibility of self development is on both partners.
“Work on yourself more than you do on your job.” Jim Rohn

The post is about 5 Ways Self-development builds a Quality relationship:

1. You get a life

Self development gives you a broader perspective of life. When you start to personally develop yourself, you get to create a life for yourself outside your relationship. Creating a life for yourself outside of your relationship helps to keep the communication line open always.

2. You improve your partner

You can not continue to remain undeveloped in major areas of your life and wonder why you don’t have a quality relationship. Everyone wants a relationship where they are constantly motivated to keep growing, evolving and developing into a better person. You can not provide the environment for your partner to become a better person if you are not developing yourself. If you are truly interested in a quality relationship then try self development.

“Be the type of person you want to meet.” Anonymous

3. You become an asset

Everyone is interested in staying in a relationship with an asset. The only thing that can make you an asset in your own right is self development. This attribute makes room for a quality relationship.

4. You are happy

What is a quality relationship if you are not happy. The only thing that would make you truly happy is when you are happy with yourself. Self development gives you happiness from within which has a direct effect on the happiness you get from your relationship.

“Take responsibility for your own happiness do not expect people or things to bring you happiness, or you could be disappointed.”-Rodolfo Costa

5. You become secure

The major cause of a broken relationship is your insecurities. You can only overcome your insecurities or put them at bay by investing your time in your self development. Your insecurities does not offer you progress if any kind. You can only have that quality relationship you are craving by all round self development.

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