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It is important to note that we are all a product of our choice. You get to choose whether to start a business or to pursue a job or career. In as much as there are people who believe in fate, destiny and the God factor. I cannot oppose your beliefs but I want to reiterate that you only have such beliefs because that is your choice.

The future you hope to see will only happen because of the choice you make today. You are in that relationship, that job, that religion and whatever place you are because you choose to be. One of the greatest mistakes you can make is to give somebody else the power to make choices for you. In fact, I believe whenever you are no longer at the driver’s seat to make a choice then you are a disaster waiting to happen

Until you begin to take responsibility for the kind of choice you make you are not fully ready to live life to the fullest. If you are not ready to make the hardest choice then you are not ready to see the future happen. Let us face it; the road to success is filled with so many detours that you can count so it is up to you to make a choice for yourself what you want for yourself.

Whatever position you are in life is the product of all the choices you have made or still making. Making a choice is a conscious decision. As a matter of fact, in cases where you decide to not do anything about a situation, you already made a choice either positive or negative.

Let me put it to you, what is the underlying factor that guides the kind of choices you make? Have you ever thought, what is responsible for the reasons you make some choices either good or bad? if you take the time to reflect on why you decided to do something, you begin to question why you did things a certain way. If you are as curious as I am as to why you make some of the choices you do then read on.

Your experiences

Sometimes the reason you make some of the choices you do is simply because of the things you have experienced in the past. It is as if you took a path and fell on your face, the next time you are to take such a path you tread cautiously or you avoid such it entirely. What differentiates the successful from the others is what they make out of their experiences. Your experiences should not limit you; instead, it should be a drive to make you make better choices.

Your ambition

Your life’s choice could be influenced by what you really what out of life, i.e. your ambition. What you really want the most out of your life would guide what you choose to do with your life. You will discover that whatever resonates with your vision becomes a guide to the choices you end up making. In my opinion, I think you can’t really have it all but the thing that makes you comfortable with whatever outcome you end up with is what actually truly matters to you.

Your core values

As an individual, there is a need to develop your own core values. It is important for you to decide what you would stand for and what you would not. Your core values should stem from your religion, cultural background or your environment. Irrespective of how you develop your core values the most important thing is no matter how much you deny, you still have some values whether your observers think it is good or bad.


I believe that the basis of the choices you end up making in life stems from your experiences, your ambition and your core values. If you think there are others, let me know in the comment section.

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