Networking is the act of meeting new people in a business or social context. It involves making connection with people from different walks of life irrespective of their race or social status in a business or social context. We are in a world that even after achieving all the certifications that are needed to get to your desired position in life, you still have to bank on your network to have that which you are over qualified for.

Networking is not about encouraging incompetence or complacence, it is about exposing you to the right avenue to enable you display your level of competence and certification.

You are the average of the five persons you spend most of your time with- Jim Rohn

It is of great necessity that you build a positive and profitable network for yourself because where you think your qualifications can take you in years, your network will get you here in a matter of minutes. Your dreams are bigger than what you can do and achieve alone. You need the right network to become whatever you want to be at all. Read more reasons why you should build a network here


Life is about we all assisting one another in as little as we can

Building a network can be both time consuming and extremely difficult if you don’t know how to do it right. Remember you are trying to build a network that can change your status in a twinkle of an eye. You are trying to build a network that adds tremendous value to your present net worth.

Your network is your net worth.

That brings us to the 25 secrets of effective networking in today’s world.

  • Go out: Understand that as an individual nothing will come to you in your comfort zone. This might be very difficult for introvert, but you have to understand that you have to start going out a little, to the places you will to meet the people you are interested in creating a network with. Someone is out looking for a person just like you but it is very unlikely that you will be found if you continue to remain hiding.


  • Know your worth: In network building it is of great necessity for you to know your worth before anything else. Knowing who and what you are enables you to understand the right way to market yourself to the person or people you are to market yourself to. It is only the knowledge of your worth that allows you to ascertain the right kind of network to build and with whom to build the network with.


  • Break the ice: Do all you can to break the ice. Breaking the ice is not as hard as you think; it could only require a smile, a little greeting, a handshake or anything at all. Take a good look at the circumstance and look at the best thing to do to break the ice.


  • Be bold: To build a network you have to be bold about it. Boldness is a charm that is greatly admired by people. Your confidence is what allows you to approach whoever you think is worth building a network with. People can smell your fear from a mile away and this gives these people the power over you because they can now recognize your weaknesses. When people smell your fear, it makes them think lesser of whom you really are.


  • Don’t rush: It takes time to build a beneficial network and so therefore do not rush the process. Rushing the process deprives you of the opportunity to appreciate the procedure that comes with building a network. It is the process of building the network that allows you to bond and thereby creates the ample opportunity to benefit from the network.


It takes time but it is worth the wait


  • Don’t fake it: Faking your attitude and actions could put you in a very difficult spot. Who told you that nobody will want to form a network with you if you are your real self? When you start a network by faking it, you end up deceiving everybody around you and nobody likes to be deceived right? Don’t be naïve to think that nobody will discover your fakeness, it might take long but time will tell the truth from the deceit. When the truth is finally found out, you just created the avenue to end what could have been.


  • Free conversation flow: Allow the conversation to flow by itself. You don’t have to force it or feign interest; it has to flow on its own so it doesn’t seem pre planned. The mistake most make while building a network is they always sound rehearsed; there is a possibility that the person you are trying to build a network with, has already heard tons of rehearsed speeches and just needs someone to converse with.


  • Listen: When you are in the procedure of building a network, communication is required to get the information that is required to make the network of the highest beneficial potential. You gather more information listening than you do while talking. Listening allows you to know the extent of your progress with the person you are trying to build a network with.



Keep your fingers crossed for the remaining secrets!!!!


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